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Driving Microgrid 


Managing Energy


At Swanbarton, we can help you plan, build and operate storage enabled microgrids to help save money, cut carbon emissions and enable system electrification, even when under grid constraints.

Swanbarton has been at the forefront of energy storage and microgrid technology since 2003. Spearheaded by Anthony Price OBE, recognised for his exemplary services to Energy Storage, our team embodies a rich legacy of innovation and mastery in the field.


Microgrid Expert

We are sector leaders in microgrid R&D, providing cutting-edge solutions for power control systems and energy optimisation.

Our offerings fall into three dynamic products:

Swanbarton® PLAN

Swanbarton® OPTIMISE

Swanbarton® CONTROL

At the heart of it, PLAN epitomises our consultancy and service products, while OPTIMISE and CONTROL are the specialist tools that put you in the driving seat of your microgrid operations.

For more information, contact us on:

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Swanbarton® PLAN

Swanbarton have been desiging microgrids for over 10 years. With that wealth of experience, we can help you navigate the microgrid landscape with confidence.


Whether you are on the road to electrification, poised to meet emission reduction benchmarks, or keen on precise emission tracking, our consultancy guides you on leveraging microgrid technology to your advantage.

Streamline your decision-making on essential hardware, sidestepping the unnecessary. From independent advice post a quote to hands-on assistance with installation and integration, our full spectrum service is tailored to your needs.

Swanbarton® OPTIMISE

The microgrid's brain, OPTIMISE uses a combination of historical data and external features to ensure your site operates as efficiently as possible. We ensure energy is where you need it, when you need it, while maximising efficiency.

We will ensure your site is futureproof by providing functionalities like setting carbon prices and comprehensive carbon auditing, simplifying the tracking of both your costs and emissions.

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Swanbarton® CONTROL

Your microgrid's real-time command centre, interfacing seamlessly to provide immediate control and feedback. Working in synergy with OPTIMISE, CONTROL faithfully executes scheduled tasks, and adeptly balances power in real time within your microgrid.

Stay ahead with our emerging features like active constraint management to bypass grid hurdles, and selective load shedding to ease the load on your microgrid during peak demands.

Swanbarton Consultancy

The Original Energy Storage Experts



Our notable contributions include serving as the technical advisors in 2014 to the Leighton Buzzard battery project, marking the advent of the first grid-connected battery and establishing the highly successful International Flow Battery Forum. Our track record underscores our commitment to propelling the energy storage domain to new pinnacles.

Our suite of services include:

Due Diligence

Meticulous examination to ensure your energy storage investments are sound and promising.

Revenue Analysis

In-depth assessment to unveil the revenue potential and financial viability of your energy storage projects.

Market Analysis

Comprehensive analysis to gauge market dynamics, ensuring your energy storage solutions are competitively positioned.

Storage Planning

Strategic planning to optimise the deployment and operation of your energy storage assets, tailored to meet your unique requirements.

Swanbarton consultancy is your gateway to informed, strategic, and effective energy storage solutions. Unleash the full potential of your energy assets with the seasoned experts at Swanbarton.



During our work developing novel solutions for energy storage our team have been granted the following patents:

Publication Number
Application Title
An asset controller for selective operation of assets
Expires 10 July 2044
US 10,468,899 B2
Battery charger system and method
Expires 26 March 2039
Controlling energy flow within a subnetwork
Expires 8 October 2040
Balancing electrical power consumption on an electricity distribution network
Expires 18 October 2038
A battery charger system and method
Expires 31 October 2037
An improved microgrid control apparatus, method and system
Expires 8 May 2034


Anjal Niraula,
Gham Power
“We have been working with Swanbarton for almost 5 years now on multiple projects.  During all these years, we have found them to be thoroughly professional and have helped us unlock market opportunities around distributed renewable energy systems."
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