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The Original Energy Storage Experts


Pioneering Advanced Energy Solutions. We blend elite software with unparalleled expertise, setting the benchmark for tomorrow's sustainable energy landscape.

Business Consultation

Swanbarton® Consultancy

Swanbarton® Consultancy is a premier energy storage specialist with 20 years of experience in the industry. As experts in the field, we offer comprehensive services to analyse and address energy challenges specifically related to storage. Our extensive track record and deep-rooted expertise ensure that clients receive proficient guidance and strategic solutions tailored to their needs.

Urban Planning

Swanbarton® PLAN

Swanbarton® PLAN is our proprietary consultancy software system, currently utilised in-house to facilitate advanced energy solutions. While it stands as an integral tool for our team, we are fervently developing it with a forward-looking vision for licensing to third parties, aiming to expand its potential reach and impact across the industry.

Image by Shane Rounce

Swanbarton® OPTIMISE

Swanbarton® OPTIMISE is our sophisticated energy management system designed to maximise the efficiency of storage assets. Through its intelligent use, it not only reduces overall system costs but also extends the asset's lifespan. Additionally, it offers effective grid constraint management for those with limited grid connections.

Central control room

Swanbarton® CONTROL

Swanbarton® CONTROL is our state-of-the-art microgrid control system, providing real-time oversight and management of microgrids. It offers integrated power management, comprehensive asset management, and the capability for selective load shedding, ensuring optimal and efficient grid operation.


Anjal Niraula,
Gham Power
“We have been working with Swanbarton for almost 5 years now on multiple projects.  During all these years, we have found them to be thoroughly professional and have helped us unlock market opportunities around distributed renewable energy systems."
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