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Market Analysis


Swanbarton has worked with Ofgem, National Grid, and the DNOs for over a decade.

Regulatory Analysis

The rules and accessible revenues for energy storage projects in the GB market have changed on an almost monthly basis in the last couple of years. Further changes are likely.
We can help you understand the likely changes and the risks to your project.
Our work, via the Electricity Storage Network, representing the interests of storage in the GB market, provides us with insight on policy changes.

Storage Opportunities

Energy storage systems can be deployed on a business premises to optimise the interaction of site energy assets and reducing demand during peak tariff periods e.g. Red band and Triad avoidance. Other benefits include capacity management, load management, back-up power and the scope to enhance demand-side response revenues.

Storage can be co-located with generation assets to shape energy export or firm output to earn a higher price.


Additionally, National Grid procures energy services that can provide revenue for an energy storage project. These are currently subject to regular change in technical requirements and commercial value.

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