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Event - Revitalizing energy & water services in Nepal’s urban areas

James Hancock, Innovation Manager at Swanbarton, was on the main panel at the Energy and Water Digitisation workshop in Kathmandu on the 7th of February 2023. This workshop was a one-day gathering, focused on exchanging knowledge and networking, hosted by Gham Power, GSMA Digital Utilities, and Diyalo.

Over 75 attendees participated, providing valuable insights and contributions to advancing energy and water services in Nepal.

The main focus was tackling the current and future energy issues facing Nepal's urban areas. These issues are complex due to the massive increase in demand and limited capacity to expand infrastructure.

Throughout the day the panel discussed the potential benefits of energy markets, the de-monopolisation of the distribution networks, and the potential for introducing energy services into Nepal.

Swanbarton focused on the role energy storage can play in helping reduce the need for infrastructure investment by smoothing demand and better utilising local renewables, such as rooftop solar.

This was a good conversation, with parties from the private sector and the Nepal Energy Authority providing many takeaways.

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