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SPINE - pushing maritime boundaries

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

A consortium of nine organisations, led by MSE International has been awarded £1.2M as part of the Smart Maritime Land Operations Call managed by MarRI-UK and supported by the Department for Transport (DfT). The project, called SPINE, (Shipping and Port Interfaces In the New Era) will advance the automation of operations in the land/water interface, supporting both infrastructure and operations in the port environment.

SPINE comprises four SMEs, two large companies, and three research technology organisations/university looking at ship-shore integration from an energy and autonomy perspective. The project will bring together elements of infrastructure, data, automation, and supporting communications.

SPINE aims to establish an interface between ships, remote control centres, port operating systems, and national energy infrastructure in order to holistically address the entire maritime value chain.

The SPINE project will play an important role in supporting the delivery of the Government’s plans for Maritime 2050. The project will deliver a research and innovation project that links key elements of UK government policy and ambition while demonstrating in a real-world environment.

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