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PESO Project - completed

Swanbarton along with three other partners has completed The Port Energy Systems Optimisation (PESO) project funded by Innovate -UK. The project demonstrated how ports can use smart grid technology and energy storage to decarbonise their activities.

The project deployed an innovative dual-chemistry battery with lead acid and lithium cells on a single DC backplane. This technology allows the lithium cells to provide a fast response and the lead-acid cells to provide slower longer-term capacity. The battery performed well providing high round trip efficiency to match an all-lithium system but at a lower capital cost.

The battery was scheduled using Swanbarton’s intelligent optimiser EROS. EROS demonstrated that it could generate an extra 5% in revenue compared to a standard rules-based scheduling system.

Portsmouth International Port requires a plan to invest in additional capacity to provide shore power to vessels while in port and the electrification of shoreside activities. We used Swanbarton’s ASCOT optimisation engine to examine a number of potential scenarios and were able to recommend the best mix of grid connection, renewables, and battery storage necessary to drive down environmental emissions of greenhouse gases and particulates at minimum cost.

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