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Sea Change

A project consortium led by Portsmouth International Port has been awarded £19.8m from the Zero Emissions Vessels and Infrastructure competition (ZEVI), funded by UK Government and delivered in partnership with Innovate UK. The grant will allow them to embark on a ground-breaking decarbonisation project with Brittany Ferries, alongside the University of Portsmouth, MSE International, B4T, IOTICS and Swanbarton.

The SEA CHANGE project will design, build and operate a ‘shore power’ system across the three busiest berths at Portsmouth International Port. This will allow visiting ferry or cruise ships to turn off their engines when in the port, as they will be able to ‘plug-in’ and use green electricity to run their onboard systems.

SEA CHANGE has the potential to revolutionise the UK’s maritime sector, and further establishes Portsmouth International Port’s reputation as a living laboratory of green technology with industry-leading sustainability credentials.

Anthony Price OBE, Managing Director of Swanbarton Limited said:

“The electrification of shipping is vital part of achieving net zero. Our team at Swanbarton has developed a suite of tools to plan and manage power, such as our battery optimiser which is already in use at Portsmouth International Port.  

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